Introducing Maxon’s World!

    December 18, 2014

    Maxon’s World is an adorable book written by Brian Martindale for ages 0-4. I personally read the book to the Rise & Stand Kids and the entire class loved it. Some of you may know the author Brian works for Karma Inc Apparel who has currently teamed up with us to make a difference. Mr. …..

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    Karma Inc Apparel Teams Up With Rise and Stand!

    December 18, 2014

    Don’t forget all this month of December Karma Inc Apparel is donating 10% of their sales to us!! We will divide the funds made equally to all our programs.  We are extremely excited about this not only because of the help Karma Inc is giving us, but because we REALLY love their clothes! Karma Inc …..

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    Artist: American Authors

    Inspiring song from one of our founders favorite bands.
    • As a former victim of bullying. I can identify with the movement, and the cause here at Rise and Stand! In the world of social media and technology bullying is at an all time high, and organizations like Rise and Stand give me hope that bullying can one day be stopped! It is not enough just to say it’s wrong, we must rise up and try to make a change, stand up for those who are weak. Rise and Stand does that very thing! Much Respect.

      As a former victim of… | Stephen Hart
    • Great cause. It’s amazing what this organization does for people around the world.

      Great cause. It’s amazing what | Shawn Bala
    • One of the best organizations on the Internet! Words cannot describe how inspiring is the message. This is about overcoming pain, stopping bullying, and making the world a better place. RISEandSTAND is TREMENDOUS! THANK YOU! :)

      One of the best organizations | Romses Rogers
    • A couple months ago I was in deep depression because my baby was about to be born and my husband recently was laid off. We had nothing for the baby and every place we called for help could only give some clothes or food. Of course every bit helps but I was panicking. We had never struggled like this. I reached out to Rise and Stand and the he founder was so nice and caring.  After proving my situation, Kitty and her team had so much baby stuff delivered to my home! More than I could have dreamed of! The best item of all was the crib. I will be forever grateful!!

      Thank you all!!!

      I don’t know what I would have done without Rise… | Kayla Martin
    • I remember getting Bullied my 1st year of High School when a 12th grader lifted me up of the ground & slammed me against a hallway locker. I told my only 12th grade best friend Jack jr’ Wilson & he told the guy, “Never do that again!” After that, I never ever had any problem once in High School & made a lot of friends and had a lot of great memories. I just wish it was yesterday,ooh those were the days of our Lives.

      I remember getting Bullied… | TODD PETHERBRIDGE
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