Thank you for checking out our organization. R.I.S.E. & STAND is on a mission! We need your help! Children, Teens, Adults, and animals all over are becoming victims daily of various hate crimes. Crimes like, Human Trafficking, Bullying, domestic violence, rape, & other acts of cruelty. As we hear or read about new cases, we are shocked to find out sometimes victims are made to look guilty or the person who committed the crime got off easy. Suicide rates are climbing daily. Children as young as 9 yrs old are taking their life because they feel alone in the world and have lost hope. With your donations, we promise to work hard to propose stronger laws; to get all schools to have strict punishments against hate crimes, & just have a place these innocent people can turn to when they feel defeated. We plan to speak out for the silent. Stand for the weary and fight for your human rights!

Through donations we support large charities that have the power to go in and take action that we cannot. We rescue animals, help them regain their health and find them homes. R.I.S.E & STAND also helps out a number of needy families each month. We have HUGE plans but we need YOU to help us reach our goals.

God Bless!