Let’s be the answer to people’s prayers this Holiday season!


We need YOUR help this year in collecting food, clothes, and toys for our Operation Holiday Cheer. Last year, under NMV, we were able to help 12 needy families have a complete Thanksgiving meal. Last … [Read more...]

Help save Simba the kitten! Time sensitive!


Yesterday, a woman who lives in my neighborhood came to me for help. Her 8 month old kitten, Simba, was attacked by a stray dog. We have no found the dog but Simba was taken to the vet immediately. … [Read more...]

Amazing Person of the Week- Angie Rodgers


Angie Rodgers is the mother of 4 yr old Grace Anna, a beautiful little girl who has an unusual genetic dysfunction identified as Conradi Hunermann Syndrome, otherwise known as dwarfism A few months … [Read more...]

R.I.S.E. & STAND wants to help you fight breast cancer and find a cure!

Comes in all sizes. Click to purchase!

October is breast cancer awareness month, R.I.S.E. & STAND wants to help fight breast cancer and find a cure. We have created women's R.I.S.E. & STAND pink tee shirts and hoodies. What's so … [Read more...]

LIMITED OF TIME ONLY! Help support R.I.S.E. and Stand

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R.I.S.E. & STAND needs YOU to help us grow. Our organization has multiple programs so we can help people all around the globe rise above acts of cruelty that made a negative impact in their … [Read more...]

Online Charity Auction- This weekend! Sep. 12-13


This coming Friday and Saturday we will be hosting an online auction to raise money for children & teens rescued from human trafficking rings. You can view the auction starting Friday at 2pm est … [Read more...]

AMAZING person of the week- Jaime Primak Sullivan

Jaime Primak Sullivan @JaimePrimak

This week R.I.S.E. & STAND chose Jaime Primak as our, "AMAZING PERSON OF THE WEEK" because well, she is AMAZING! As you all know, we like to pick people who inspire us, empower us and spread love … [Read more...]

AMAZING Person of the Week Rob McDowall @robmcd85


Since I met Rob McDowall on Twitter, he has been one of the most kind, thoughtful, and caring people I have personally ever met. Although he is a busy man he always finds time to help or my … [Read more...]

What’s Illegal and what’s not when it comes to cyber-harassment.


R.I.S.E. & STAND supports many different causes. It is clear on our website and social sites that we are an organization against all acts of cruelty. Yet, we get more emails and calls from people … [Read more...]

Fame comes with a hefty price. A glimpse into Celebrity stalking and harassment.

Actor Robin Williams (possibly) committed suicide Aug 11 2014

For several decades celebrities have dealt with harassment, defamation, and even stalking from the public. Celebrities such as Anna Kournikova, John Lennon, Tom Jones, Madonna, Steven … [Read more...]